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Building a Lightboard Studio

This summer, our college is building a lightboard studio. Our talented instrument maker/craftsman constructed the board, and now we're working out the lighting/filming/acoustic issues. If you're interested in doing this in your department, here is a very useful website from Michael Peshkin at Northwestern University. His website describes all the ins-and-outs of creating a lightboard, from construction, lighting, layout, electronics, software, etc. I've attached his promo video below, so you can see what his design looks like:

Flipped Chemistry over the Summer

  • Tuesday, June 2, 2015

For many of us, the school year has given way to summer - with a little time to take care of projects and plan for the fall semester. For June & July, FlippedChemistry is going to move the newsletter cycle to once every three weeks. We'll continue to post ideas and articles as they come available - and will plan to ramp back up to full speed in August.

Meanwhile - if you have an article, and idea, or a resource that you'd like to share - please contact us! It's always good to get new authors, new perspectives, and new resources.


In previous posts, I wrote about our project to test the efficacy of the flipped class in a controlled comparison of lecture and flipped courses in our General Chemistry program, which I called the Flipped Classroom Project at Marquette. Thus, this spring, I taught two sections of our General Chemistry 2 course, one in a traditional format (to 206 students at 8 am) and a second in a flipped format (to 117 students). The students self-selected into the courses, and over 90% had taken the first-term ACS exam in the fall, therefore benchmarking their entry point.