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Flipping NMR

We introduce nuclear magnetic resonance topics in the second semester of organic chemistry lab. During the first two weeks of lab, we spend time lecturing on proton and carbon NMR theory and spectral interpretation with some built-in time for students to work on practice problems, learn NMR processing software (ACD/Labs NMR Processor), and become familiar with our NMR instrument. In the past, I lectured for a little over an hour using PowerPoint, then had students work on several problem sets. This approach was less than ideal.

Zaption - A terrific new video & quizzing tool

Congratulations to Zaption, which was named the winner of the 2015 LaunchEDU startup competition.

Zaption provides the ability to create quizzes which are embedded within videos. The videos can be pulled from Youtube, Vimeo, or a private source, and there are multiple different question formats which can be used.

For example, here is a very nice lesson with embedded quizzes from a high school teacher, located in the still-growing Zaption gallery.

Spring ACS Meeting - Denver

If you're planning to attend the ACS meeting in Denver this week, I'd love the chance to say hello. I'll be at the Sapling Learning booth (booth 1200) on Sunday evening and Monday morning - please stop by!

An Interview with Heath Giesbrecht, Part IV: The Reluctant Student

  • Saturday, March 7, 2015

Over the past few weeks, I've been doing an interview with Heath Giesbrecht of Houston Community College. In this final installment, we tackle the challenging issues of drawing in reluctant students, and spreading the "professor time" evenly:

Q. I’ve found that even in small-group work, some students are reluctant to ask questions or engage with a group. How do you handle this challenge?

Highlights from ChemFlip 2015

  • Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The first ever ChemFlip event was held in Austin, TX on February 28. I had the opportunity to open the event, and discussed the range of styles used for flipped classes, ranging from big classes to small classes, and from soft flips to full flips. We had a great workshop time with small groups tackling these issues individually.

Three Critical Conversations with Students

As I struggle with flipping the class and trying to get students to buy in, I often wonder what answers to give them as they express their concerns. I tell them it isn’t my job to “teach” but to provide them with meaningful learning opportunities. I came upon the following article which helps address the issue of how to handle students “complaints” when it comes to the flipped class: