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A Fall Break

It's a beautiful October afternoon here in Kentucky, and I'm enjoying some much needed down time on the back porch. Best wishes for a restful weekend to everyone, as we get ready for the back half of the semester.

Facebook in the Flipped Classroom

This year I decided to try out Facebook as an additional course management tool for my flipped biochemistry course. Now I will caveat this by saying I was hoping to seem somewhat "cool and trendy" to my students while utilizing an online tool that is live, user friendly and can be accessed from any device. However; I'm pretty sure if professors, such as I, are utilizing Facebook for the classroom, then it’s probably no longer "trendy", but o well, it is still darn useful and the students are using it. (I considered Tumbler or Instagram...

Video Content using Explain Everything

Creation of resources for students in a flipped classroom, especially videos,can be a time consuming process. Experience with Camtasia and Captivate demonstrated that the numerous editing options meant I was spending far too much time editing videos. With so many tools available, I felt the need to make everything "perfect" but quickly realized that I needed a simpler tool with less options. Explain Everything, a screencasting app for the iPad, became my tool of choice. It does everything I need, but not too much, and only cost $3.

Helping Students Make It

Over the past couple of years, student success rates have become a big deal to me. Maybe it's because I went back to school in my early 30s, with a wife, three kids, and a full-time job. Or maybe it's hating to see students take out college loans, only to come away empty-handed. Or maybe it's just what we teachers do.

Finding the Right Tablet

Thanks to the pioneering work of several of my colleagues at Murray State, I was introduced to the tablet PC in 2006, and have used it in my classes ever since. However, even though tablets have become mainstream, I'm continuing to search for a tablet that can handle the needs for a flipped classroom, such as annotation, recording/editing, and projection.

Welcoming Grace Eileen

This has nothing to do with flipped chemistry, but congratulations to my son Jamie and his wife Megan on the birth of Grace Eileen, born last Friday.

Learning About Learning - While Trying to Improve Teaching

Over the years that my children were making their way through elementary school, I became the go-to science volunteer. Times were tough for the teachers as they were adapting to new science achievement testing. Many of my elementary school teacher friends were feeling the pain of not only having to beef up their own science content knowledge, but to also learning to teach science using active, inquiry methods. The days of opening the book and defining science vocabulary words were over!