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An Interview with Heath Giesbrecht, Part II: Tailoring to Different Learning Styles

In part I of this series, I introduced Heath Giesbrecht, who teaches at Houston Community College, and who has produced over 1100 videos for his classes. His YouTube channel, ProfessorHeath, is a valuable resource for flipped classrooms in first- and second-year chemistry.

In this installment, we shift the conversation from video production to classroom implementation. I found his class structure to be very innovative:

Q. How do you use all this video content with your classes?

David Kreller's Analyical Videos

  • Monday, January 26, 2015

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Georgia Southern University. One of the highlights of the trip was meeting David Kreller, an analytical and environmental chemist who is committed to engaging his students. In addition to a wealth of online activities, David awards the "golden clicker" trophy to the student in his class with the most clicker responses each semester. The trophy actually has a clicker mounted on a stand.

Reflections on the first week

Okay, so last week was a blast. After being on sabbatical in the fall, it was great to get back into the classroom. As I wrote a week or two ago, I'm trying some new things this semester - and was curious to see how they would go. Some observations:

1. Selling the Flip. Based on recommendations from several in the FC community, I decided to really sell the flip day one. I talked with my class about the benefits & the responsibilities of a flipped class. Most had never heard of a flipped class, but most also seem willing to give it a shot.

Online Graduate Courses

Okay...so this is more of a question than a real blog post. I've been thinking about the possibility of putting one or more graduate courses online - and recently had this question come up. Does anyone know of a school that is doing this? Please send me an email or add a comment if you do....thanks! -Kevin

Join Us for ChemFlip 2015!

For those who are just venturing into the flipped classroom, I invite you to join us on Friday, February 27, 2015 in Austin, TX for ChemFlip 2015. This event will feature a keynote address on the nuts-and-bolts of building a flipped classroom from Pam Mills and Donna McGregor of Hunter college, as well as a panel discussion and workshops around some of the key challenges of building a flipped classroom.

An Interview with Heath Giesbrecht: Part I - Video Production

Heath Giesbrecht teaches intro, general, and organic chemistry at Houston Community College-Southeast College. He came across my radar because of his terrific library of teaching videos on YouTube. He has some of the best whiteboard presentations I've seen, and covering a wide array of topics. I'll be adding some of these to the Tools and Resources section over the coming weeks.

I had an opportunity to talk with Heath recently, and am happy to share the conversation here:

Rethinking Intro Chem

This spring, I’m teaching one of my favorite courses: Intro Chem. It’s an evening class, two nights a week, 144 students. The class is a requirement for a number of applied science majors. Many students are nervous about taking chemistry, and some have put it off until their senior year.